Red EP

by Denj

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    Red EP is the new release from Denj.




This is Red EP, the new release from Denj. Check it out. If you like it, share it; I don't give a shit. Burn it for your friends, if anyone even does that anymore.


released March 29, 2011

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Track Name: Picture
You're moving
straight backwards
transition from a vision of you
you're not there
then in a puff of smoke
you reappear
yeah you pop back into the picture

i'm hurting
straight lurking
i'm searching for a reason to love
it's not there
then with a snap and fizz
it reappears
yeah you pop back into the picture
Track Name: No Use
It's no use hiding from the cops
It's no use trying to rise up
There's an invisible man
who is guiding my hand
Track Name: Dust to Teem
Dust to teem
to be
a part of you, a part of me
is obscene, it has to be

Oh, you behaved like a child
I know because I did it too
We behaved like a child

I can't stop doing it if it feels good
Track Name: Genetic Jealousy
Blowdryer babies in the blue shirts
Runnin' around circles on a new Earth
Here to make me suffer, oh I already know
Why didn't I get a part in your lucky show?

Droppin' dates on schedule, I can already tell
Rachet the expectations back to hell
Any opportunity that I could possibly take?
Why couldn't I get a piece of your lucky break?